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NineFM Signs-Off

NineFM Nine FM 92.7 WKIE 92.5 WDEK 99.9 WRZA Chicago Progressive Talk

Previous Format: Variety Hits “Nine-FM” 92.5 WDEK/92.7 WKIE/99.9 WRZA
New Format: Progressive Talk 820 WCPT/92.5 WCPY/92.7 WCPT-FM/99.9 WCPQ
Date & Time Of Change: October 20, 2008
More Info: Wikipedia

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  1. I remember recording this. “Crush” by Jennifer Paige was never supposed to get on the air. It just happened. The last song was supposed to be Del Amitri – Kiss This Thing Goodbye.

    The automation just kept running until the brokered Dance Factory host cut it off just before the song ended.

    In a way, it is kind of fits. The song was huge on the station’s first incarnation using the call letters WKIE (92 KISS FM) and was often played as a recurrent up until Energy launched in early 2001. I actually called and requested it once back in 1999, the only time I called into the station.

    The call letters for WKIE and WDEK and WRZA would change with this format flip to WCPT-FM, WCPY-FM and WCPQ-FM.

    The changed ended a 10 year era for the WKIE calls on the 92.7 frequency, an even longer era for the WDEK calls on the 92.5 frequency (31 years), and 12 years of WRZA for 99.9.


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