Progressive Talk

WINZ Becomes The Sports Animal

Previous Format: Progressive Talk “940 WINZ” New Format: Sports “940 The Sports Animal” Date & Time Of Change: April 3, 2009 More Info: Wikipedia

NineFM Signs-Off

Previous Format: Variety Hits “Nine-FM” 92.5 WDEK/92.7 WKIE/99.9 WRZA New Format: Progressive Talk 820 WCPT/92.5 WCPY/92.7 WCPT-FM/99.9 WCPQ Date & Time Of Change: October 20, 2008 More Info: Wikipedia

Oldies “KB 1520” becomes Liberal Talk

Top 40 radio in Buffalo was once spelled KB 1520. WKBW was the 50kw Top 40 powerhouse in the market, yet had fallen on hard times like many AM’s in the past 15-20 years. The calls had been changed to WWKB following the sale of the station away from its sister TV, which kept the WKBW calls. A parade of short lived formats: Classic Country, Sports, Business News, CHR simulcast followed none generating much ratings noise as Entercom protected its other two AM stations 550 WGR and 930 WBEN. In 2003, WWKB brought back many of it former DJ’s and went Oldies. However with lackluster ratings continuing and crosstown 1270 WHLD about to join Air America’s network the following week, Entercom flipped WWKB to Liberal Talk in attempt to beath WHLD to the punch and create a wall of tal...

Standards WJCE Flips to Progressive Talk 680 WWTQ Memphis

With ratings continuing to slowly fall, aging demos and a business core becoming more unwilling to advertize to persons over 55, Entercom pulled the plug on its AM Standard’s outlet WJCE. The call letters were originally chosen to compliment an Urban AC format called “The Juice” some years earlier and were not changed when that format expired after the emergence of crosstown FM Urban AC 103.5 WRBO. So, with little fanfare and virtually NO imaging or announcements whatsoever, the music was pulled in the middle of a song and the CNN News feed simply clicked in, followed by the Al Franken show on the Air America Network. One of the most haphazard format changes heard in ages. We present it to you as a scoped 10+ minute audio time capsule, to serve as a place holder for the n...

Classic Country 1090 KYCW becomes Progressive Talk KPTK

Previous Format: Classic Country New Format: Progressive Talk Date & Time Of Change: January 20, 2005 at 12:39am More Info: Wikipedia

1200 WKOX and 1430 WXKS become Air America Boston

The Air America radio network launched in March 2004, and after a slow start, began to pick up many new affiliates by the late summer. Yet Boston, despite being one of the most liberal markets in the country, did not yet have an affiliate. From the launch of the network, much of Air America’s growth was attributed to Clear Channel, which brought the format to failed AM stations in many markets. As it happened, Clear Channel just happened to have two stations in Boston that together would make a perfect home for the new format. WXKS 1430 was a longtime adult standards station, the forgotten sister station of CHR station WXKS-FM. In 2001, WXKS was expected to change format to CNET Radio-provided technology talk, but the format ended up on Mega Communications’ WBPS 890, and the st...