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Oldies “KB 1520” becomes Liberal Talk


Top 40 radio in Buffalo was once spelled KB 1520. WKBW was the 50kw Top 40 powerhouse in the market, yet had fallen on hard times like many AM’s in the past 15-20 years. The calls had been changed to WWKB following the sale of the station away from its sister TV, which kept the WKBW calls. A parade of short lived formats: Classic Country, Sports, Business News, CHR simulcast followed none generating much ratings noise as Entercom protected its other two AM stations 550 WGR and 930 WBEN. In 2003, WWKB brought back many of it former DJ’s and went Oldies.

However with lackluster ratings continuing and crosstown 1270 WHLD about to join Air America’s network the following week, Entercom flipped WWKB to Liberal Talk in attempt to beath WHLD to the punch and create a wall of talk with News/Talk WBEN and Sports WGR.

Aircheck courtesy of Scott Fybush

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  1. I’m 58 years old and had listened to WKBW most of my life. I live in Welland Ontario Canada and I just wanted to say thank you to all those talented people over the years that brought so much joy and listening pleasure to my life.

    Such a shame

    Good luck with your new format

    A former listener

    Dave Jones
    Welland Ontario

  2. i cant believe the owners would ruin something great like that i was amazed when i came back from college and there was no danny or sandy its a shame that this station went from something family frendly to something anti american it really makes me sick

  3. Things like this have been going on for too long !!!!! Greedy broadcast companys buying all these stations that were icons and destroying them. Entercom did this to Rochester with WBBF, and when I went to find some other oldies station I found WKBW was back and was thrilled. Now they’ve done it again. I think it’s about time we all band together and tell these corporate giants wgere to go by NOT supporting them, and start up some new stations supported by listeners and local businesses. I wish I had the money to do it, but if anyone out there knows a way, please let me know. They’re shoving all this crap down our throats that we don’t want and I’m sick and tired of it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How much more talk radio can a person stand? When KB 1520 Radio came back in 2003, I began enjoying radio again, now I don’t even bother to listen to it. Entercom, if you have an ounce of feelings for the residents of Buffalo, NY, you will return KB 1520 back to KB Klassics! If not, you named your new format WWKB 1520 correctly… “The LEFT Channel”… you truly have “LEFT” Buffalo high and dry without a choice in radio. I’m sorry to see that it all boils down to the almighty dollar!


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