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104.7 The Wolf WEXT Becomes La Gran D WDDW

Previous Format: Country
New Format: Regional Mexican
Date & Time Of Change: September 16, 2005
More Info: Wikipedia

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  1. The format change was rather abrupt. The year-old “Wolf” always played a wolf howling sound effect in between some songs. The morning of the last day, they played the sound of a dying wolf howling.

    At 12 Noon, the final song on The Wolf was “Goodbye Says It All” by Black Hawk. They began simulcasting sister WIIL, with “Down With The Sickness” (Uncensored) by Disturbed.

    The morning after, WIIL’s morning show played around, bashing the former station, referring to it as “the hillbilly station.”, taking calls from pissed off listeners.

    This happened an hour after it was supposed to. It was supposed to launch at 10AM at a ceremony with the president of the Milwaukee Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce “pressing the button.”

    Apparently, they had a different audio feed at the celebration, because the actual flip ended up happening at around 11:50, with “El Aretito” by Los Morros Del Norte, but another song was supposed to be the “first”, you’ll notice the legal ID is played twice here. That was the 10AM ID, as WIIL was supposed to drop the simulcast at 10.

    La GranD was plagued with problems from the start. At first, it was operated from the NextMedia building in Kenosha, even after Bustos Media purchased the station (They had to build their own studio) The station would often lose it’s STL connection, for hours at a time. To this day, they often go thru long periods (up to 5, 6 even 12 hours) of dead air on occation because of the STL.

    The transmitter was moved from Franksville, WI to the old WJJA-TV (now WBME) site in Oak Creek. The WJJA site itself was very run down. The signal didn’t get out as far as it should have initially. At the Kenosha NextMedia building, you couldn’t even receive it in the parking lot, nor on the station’s air monitor.


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