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92.1: KIZS “Kiss-FM” becomes KTBT “The Beat”

kizs.png ktbt.png

Clear Channel Communications signed-on KIZS as CHR/Pop Kiss 92.1 in 1999 to compete head-to-head with longtime heritage CHR KHTT (106.9 K-Hits). In early 2001, amid mediocre ratings, Clear Channel’s new Post-Merger programming directive forced the station into a heavily voicetracked entity. The ratings never really made any headway and then several format tweaks occured, first toward a Hot/Modern AC approach (where it actually saw it’s HIGHEST 12+ numbers in the stations history) and then back towards a CHR/Adult CHR approach. Additionally in 2002, CC blew up its low rated and low signaled Christian CHR KMRX (Live 101.5) and rolled it into a heavily voicetracked Mainstream Urban KTBT (101-5 The Beat). As it’s first incarnation of the format, The Beat never saw ratings success against KHTT and crosstown Urban KJMM. In the Summer of 2004, CC rolled The Beat into a TRUE CHR/Rhythmic to compliment then CHR/Mainstream KIZS amd go right after heritage KHTT. The Beat was able to succeed in short time, however Kiss as a compliment did not, more so because it was too many different things for too long than lack of current product. So after a day of teasing on the 101.5 frequency and a VERY brief heads-up on 92.1 Friday September 23, 2005 at 5pm Clear Channel Communications moved the CHR/Rhythmic format of The Beat from it’s 6Kw home on 101.5MhZ to the 50Kw home on 92.1MhZ.

Aircheck and Summary courtesy of Jet Black.

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