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“Z104.9” WZMR flips from Modern AC to Smooth Jazz


WZMR was a fairly new station in the Albany market, having moved in from Johnstown (oldies WSRD) in March 1999 after a purchase by Albany Broadcasting. The station began as Modern AC “The Point”, but was forced to change the name to “Z104.9” on the request of Infinity Broadcasting (representing rival owner Tele-Media, which had the right to use the name in Albany; launching Modern AC WCPT that May). After WCPT’s launch, “Z104.9” failed part due to a poorer signal than WCPT, part due to a contract to carry New York Yankees baseball placed there prior to the format launch. Having never broken the 2 share barrier, WZMR decided to fill the Smooth Jazz hole left by WHRL’s flip two weeks earlier (see above). The below switch is the end of Modern AC (with the last song, New Radicals “You Get What You Give”–the first song of the Modern AC format) followed by the liner starting the Smooth Jazz format

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