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96.5 The Mountain Chattanooga flips from AAA to CHR

96.5 The Mountain WDOD Chattanooga

With one of only four 100kw signals in the Chattanooga market, 96.5 WDOD-FM has always been looked upon as a potential sleeping giant. At the same time, the CHR format has never had a signal with the potential to be heard throughout the region. The format had not been heard at all in the area after Clear Channel flipped 98.1 WKXJ to Classic Country in June 2007. WDOD’s AAA format had evolved to a Modern Rock hybrid, but was a continual also ran. On March 3, 2008, WDOD brought CHR to its 100kw signal, while taking the path less taken nowadays by retaining “The Mountain” moniker and a few of the on-air staff.

Aircheck courtesy of Christopher @

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  1. I’m so disappointed with the new format change in your radio station. There are so many other stations that are geared to the teenie boppers and now your station is one of them, too. Your old format was wonderful. Your adult listeners will be disappointed also. Your old format was unique and different and I was a faithful listener. I definitely won’t be listening anymore. I’m heartbroken. Sincerely, Cindy Jones

  2. I liked the station before when it was “Live & Local”. I enjoyed listening to Jason and Brad on my way to work, now I listen to CD’s. On my drive home I might tune in but I find myself listening to 105 or a CD.
    I hope management reconsiders their decision to change the format.

  3. Wow. I thought that was really cool. I eespecially liked the whinny voiced guy trying to come up with different ideas for hit music radio in Tennessee… Cool!

    Live on, mountain!

    –The Radio Kid

  4. Very cool. Sounds like that must’ve been a fun production piece to put together. Great work. Being a Mac guy, I especially like the use of the Apple ad counter-positioning snippet. Good luck with the new flame-throwing format guys!

  5. Country or CHR? They say country, the site says CHR. I’m horribly confused.


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