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550 KGME Becomes NewsRadio 550 KFYI

Sports Radio 550 KGME Xtra Fox 910 1360 Newsradio News Radio 550 KFYI Barry Sharpe Laurie Cantillo

Previous Format: Sports “SportsRadio 550” KGME
New Format: News/Talk “NewsRadio 550” KFYI
Date & Time Of Change: September 25, 2000
More Info: Wikipedia

As part of the historic merger between Clear Channel and AMFM, Clear Channel elected to keep both KGME 550 (Sports) and KFYI 910 (News/Talk) as part of its AM portfolio in Phoenix. On September 25, 2000, KFYI moved from its longtime home at 910 to Arizona’s best AM signal, 550. KGME, which had moved from 1360 to 550 only about 16 months earlier, found itself at 910. KFYI changed its moniker from “Talk Radio 910, KFYI” to “News Radio 550, KFYI” — a name that sounded very much like its longtime competitor and now neighbor: Emmis-owned News/Talk/Sports-formatted “News Radio 620, KTAR”. KGME also picked up a new name: “XTRA Sports 910” — its competitor and new neighbor was Emmis-owned Sports-formatted “ESPN Radio 860, KMVP”.

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