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106.9 KKHT becomes 80’s “The Point” KHPT

106.9 The Word KHHT Houston 1070 Jazzy KZJZ 106.9 The Point KHPT Houston 80's and more

Previous Format: Christian “106.9 The Word” KHHT
New Format: 80s Hits “106.9 The Point” KHPT (Stunted for week as KZJZ)
Date & Time Of Change: September 28, 2000
More Info: Wikipedia

fter weeks of redirecting listeners to 1070 AM, Alan Lee signed 106.9 The Word off the air at 12 midnight with a couple verses from the Bible. Serving as Houston’s commercial FM religious talk outlet, the station usually finished at the bottom of the ratings despite it’s decent signal. Cox acquired the station through a trade with Salem who acquired Atlanta properties in exchange for the 106.9 station. After a week of stunting as “MP3 Radio” and “Radio Free Houston” under the KZJZ call letters, an electronic voice countdown reached 1 and the new “Jazzy 106-9” signed on. However the smooth jazz format proved to be a stunt as Kenny G’s “Songbird” lead into the birth of Houston’s ’80s station, “106-9 The Point“. The KZJZ calls were later replaced with KHPT. The first song on KHPT was “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds.

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  1. spotted some things… first of all.. where’s the flip? XD

    Under Previous Format, calls should be KKHT, it reads KHHT
    Under Tags you also have KHHT

    The KZJZ calls were not unveiled until The Point signed on at 5PM on October 4 2000 (the calender says that was a Wednesday but could swear it happened on a Friday). I have the last hour of the automated countdown into the launch recorded, I believe they ID’ed as KKHT Conroe. I’ll check the tape.

    • Confirmed… KKHT Conroe was the ID in the hour before the launch.

  2. Reply
    • How did you get this from my mediafire account, Jason?

      • As I recall I saw it linked on a forum post somewhere…

        • Interesting…


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