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107.7 WJCD flips from AC to Smooth Jazz

1077litefm.png wjcd.png

As a rimshot in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach market, the 107.7 frequency has had a hard time competing in the market. In the past few years, it slid from Urban AC to Smooth Jazz to AC and back to Smooth Jazz. The AC format had been simulcast on 92.1 WCDG to give it a better shot at competing, but it had since been flipped to fill the Oldies niche following WFOG changing to WVBW.

However, the battle between WVBW and WWDE also had prevented WJCD from gaining any momentum. Thus following its all-Christmas programming, WJCD moved back to Smooth Jazz on December 26, 2006.

vartv.pngAircheck Contributed By Bob Corbin of

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  1. You know, Smooth Jazz 107.7’s logo resembles that of Philly’s WJJZ. I wonder if they’re owned my the same comapny or something?

    • Yes they were. CC owned both WJJZ (when it was on 106.1) and WJCD.


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