WVXX Becomes Selecta 1050

Previous Format: Sports “Fox Sports Radio 1050” New Format: Spanish CHR “Selecta 1050” Date & Time Of Change: February 25, 2005 at 2:00pm More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by

W243DJ Becomes 96.5 Rocks

Previous Format: Alternative “96X” New Format: Classic Rock “96.5 Rocks” Date & Time Of Change: March 25, 2016 at 12:00pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

WKSA Becomes Classic Hip-Hop The Beat

Previous Format: Urban AC “92.1 Kiss-FM” WKSA New Format: Classic Hip-Hop “92.1 The Beat” WHBT-FM Date & Time Of Change: January 5, 2015 at 9:00am More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

107.7 WJCD flips from AC to Smooth Jazz

As a rimshot in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach market, the 107.7 frequency has had a hard time competing in the market. In the past few years, it slid from Urban AC to Smooth Jazz to AC and back to Smooth Jazz. The AC format had been simulcast on 92.1 WCDG to give it a better shot at competing, but it had since been flipped to fill the Oldies niche following WFOG changing to WVBW. However, the battle between WVBW and WWDE also had prevented WJCD from gaining any momentum. Thus following its all-Christmas programming, WJCD moved back to Smooth Jazz on December 26, 2006. Aircheck Contributed By Bob Corbin of

CHR 106.1 WZNR becomes Rhythmic AC “Energy 106.1” WNRJ

In its short history on the air, the 106.1 frequency in the Tidewater has seen constant shuffling of formats as it looked to fill a niche in the market. Following its move into the Tidewater proper in March of 2004, the station has seen the following formats: 03/07/04 to 09/23/04 – Variety Hits “106.1 Bob-FM” WPYA 09/23/04 to 02/02/05 – Country “Kick 106” WKCK 02/02/05 to 09/21/06 – CHR “106.1 The Zone” WZNR The Zone had attempted to fill the Mainstream CHR void that had existed in the Tidewater since the Early 1990’s. Entercom’s pair of Adult CHR 94.9 The Point and Rhythmic CHR Z104 made the hole tough to fill. As the Rhythmic AC format took off in 2006, WZNR management felt they had found a niche that could be more success...

Oldies 92.9 WFOG becomes The Wave WVBW

In Early 2005, Barnstable Broadcasting sold its Norfolk cluster to Max Media, who years prior had operated AC powerhouse 101.3 WWDE “2WD” in the market. Dick Lamb, one of the principles in Max Media and founder of 2WD had stayed on as morning host at 2WD until the acquisition of Barnstable’s cluster ended his 26 year run in mornings there. In order to create a spot in their new cluster for Lamb, the Oldies format of WFOG was dropped in favor of a Gold-based AC format. The Wave’s success has since led to 2WD shifting from Mainstream AC to a softer variation of the format. Aircheck Contributed By Bob Corbin of

Country “Kick 106” WKCK Becomes CHR “The Zone” WZNR

In less than a year on the air, the newest radio signal in the Hampton Roads has already been the home to three formats. The station, which came to life on 3/7/04 as Classic Hits “106.1 Bob-FM” WPYA arose from the rubble of a market shakeup the previous Fall when longtime Country outlet WCMS became Rock “Max 100.5” and in retaliation AAA 93.7 WKOC became Country “Kick-FM”. The new “106.1 Bob-FM” would become more successful than anticipated, while sister station 93.7 Kick-FM was less. In response the frequencies of both stations were swapped on September 23, 2004 resulting in “93.7 Bob-FM” on the more powerful frequency and “Kick 106.1″on the weaker. Still not satisfied with the results, Kick 106.1 was blown up on Febr...

106.1 Bob-FM Debuts

The Classic Hits format known in most places as Jack or Bob had made great inroads in Canada after being developed as a Webcaster on Long Island, NY. It was only a matter of time until someone took a chance on the format in the United States. One of the first was WPYA in the Hampton Roads. Bob was such a success that just 6 months after its debut, it was moved to the stronger 93.7 signal in the market. Aircheck Contributed By Bob Corbin of

93.7 Kick-FM Debuts

Previous Format: AAA “93.7 The Coast” WKOC New Format: Country “93.7 Kick-FM” WKCK Date & Time Of Change: December 5, 2003 at 12:05pm More Info: Wikipedia A week after Barnstable Broadcasting blew up longtime Country powerhouse WCMS in favor of Rock “Max 100.5“, Sinclair Communications attempted to fill the position by replacing AAA “93-7 The Coast” WKOC with Country as “93.7 Kick-FM“. For the first two days of its life, Kick-FM looped Alan Jackson’s “Gone Country” to promote the new station leading up to its actual debut at 12:06 on December 5, 2003. Related Changes: “93.7 The Coast” WKOC Begins Stunting Aircheck Contributed by

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