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New York

WNWS-FM Becomes Y97 WYNY

Y97 WYNY Y97FM NewsCenter 97 WNWS-FM New York NBC News Information Service NIS

Previous Format: News “NewsCenter 97” WNWS-FM
New Format: AC “Y97” WYNY
Date & Time Of Change: January 1, 1977 at 12:00am
More Info: Wikipedia

Aircheck Contributed by Big Apple Airchecks

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  1. I enjoyed this. It sounded like the old KNX-FM from L.A., with some classic rock thrown in.

  2. The last minute of the news format is actually from the ill-fated NBC News And Information Service which limped along another two months or so on other affiliates before ending altogether. NBC had already decided to pull the plug on it in early November 1976 and it was clear they wanted to get WWNS-FM (previously WNBC-FM) into a new format as soon as possible. I’ve had a chance to hear some unscoped audio of NIS newscasts and I have to say it was a commendable effort that had NBC been patient might have ultimately had some staying power in giving some stations the option to not be dependent on local news all the time. In fact, the presentation of stories they did I find much better when comparing to the stodgy quality of the CBS World News Roundup programs from this era as well.


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