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KYNG Becomes The Talk That Rocks

Young Country 105.3 KYNG Dallas Live 105.3 The Talk That Rocks KYNG KLLI Dallas Howard Stern Opie Anthony

Previous Format: Country “Young Country 105.3
New Format: Hot Talk/Active Rock “105.3 The Talk That Rocks
Date & Time Of Change: March 10, 2000
More Info: Wikipedia, DFW Radio History

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  1. I wasn’t listening for the switch, but I was listening later that day during A.W. Pantoja’s afternoon drive time show… as I recall he spent the entire afternoon taking calls from disgruntled Young Country listeners and every once in awhile he would tease listeners by playing the first few seconds of a country song.

    It was pretty sad to see the station flip, especially to a talk format that was really only ho-hum and basically carried by Howard Stern and then Russ Martin and his horrible brand of humor. The station went from ‘The Talk That Rocks’, to ‘Live 105-3’, and then to ‘Free FM’, and then BACK to ‘Live 105-3’ before switching to Sports radio “The Fan” KRLD-FM back in 2008.

    I still miss the ‘Young Country’ days… the imaging and jingles were great and the on-air staff were generally fun to listen to. Particular highlights at KYNG were A.W. Pantoja and Stoobie Doak. A.W. would do all kinds of crazy stuff during his drive time show… in fact if I’m not mistaken he got in big trouble one summer for announcing on air that there was money hidden in some of the books at the Fort Worth Public Library. Listeners mobbed the library and did all kinds of damage tearing through books looking for cash!

    Good times… good times….

  2. Aw got into trouble for putting up his boss’ car as a prize. He did a contest where he would play a 1 second sound clip of a singers voice. Usually hed list his car or one of the co hosts car as a joke prize…but he listed his boss’ car and lord behold someone actually won it

    • I remember that. I remember the station manager’s name, Bob McNeil (if I remember correctly) he was not happy! The manager was best buds with Russ Martin and his crew.


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