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Urban “V103” becomes CHR “102.7 XYV”

wxyv.png 1027xyv.png

What B104 was to the CHR format in Baltimore, V103 was to the Urban format. A longtime station in the format, WXYV began to feel its age in the mid 1990’s as it was bombarded by a pair of Radio-One sisters. Rhythmic CHR “92Q” and Urban AC “Majic 95.9” cut into WXYV’s audience from both ends. Infinity, seeing the CHR format regaining popularity elsewhere, and a huge hole for the format in Baltimore brought the demise of V103 and the birth of “102.7 XYV”. However, the station would be marred with inconsistancy for the next couple of years. The station would constantly change its lean from dance to hip-hop to alternative while searching for a gain in audience. In 1998, the station changed its name to B102.7 in order to prevent a competitor from bringing back B104 and at the same time connect the two CHR’s in Baltimore’s recent history. A newfound mainstream pop lean came in 1999 as the station finally found some stability.

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  1. Wow – how the times have changed…102.7 is not “Jack FM” – I guess you would call it Rock – but they call it “Jack FM -Playing what we want…”

    Wow – I actually remember when it was 102.7 XYV – not a bad station but it never seemed to find it’s niche.

  2. Wxyv V-103 did not show its age it was mismanged by Bob Woodard who should have never been there in the first place looking back V103 should have went after the hip-hop 18-34 18-49 crowd and became Baltimores Hot 97.


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