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San Francisco/San Jose

KPIX-FM Stunts With Chicago Simulcast

101.9 The Mix WTMX Chicago 95.7 KPIX-FM San Francisco KOYT Z95.7 KZQZ

Previous Format: Hot Talk KPIX-FM
New Format: Simulcasting 101.9 WTMX Chicago
Date & Time Of Change: May 30, 1997 at 12:00am
More Info: Wikipedia, FMAirchecks

Notes: 95.7 (Under new KOYT call letters) would simulcast WTMX Chicago until July 11, 1997 when it would flip to CHR “Z95.7” KZQZ.

Aircheck Contributed by Steve Worth

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  1. I think even Leykis knew that AC stations didn’t play Percy Faith in 1997–not even Bonneville stations. Can I assume that Bonneville had bought KPIX? (And does Leykis consider the Cars “pussy music”?)

    • Yeah Bonneville did buy them out. Z 95.7 was a good top 40 station.

  2. Leykis also closed out KLSX 12 years later.


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