WFLZ Becomes The Power Pig

Previous Format: Oldies “Z93” WFLZ New Format: CHR “93.3 The Power Pig” Date & Time Of Change: September 25, 1989 at 8:15am Aircheck And Summary Contributed By Brian Holmes’ ThePowerPig.com: Fifteen years ago, in September 1989, Jacor Broadcasting and a very talented group of individuals took a huge chance. The chance was taking a 100,000 watt flame throwing FM into a direct format competition against the powerhouse ratings winner, the then legendary Q105 (WRBQ FM & AM), owned then by Edens Broadcasting. It would give Tampa Bay a REAL Top 40 station playing all the hits, fun to listen to, always leaving you wanting more or wondering what they would say or do next. This compared to Q105’s more adult top 40 lean, known by most as having D.J.’...

Z93 WZGC Becomes 92.9 Dave-FM

Previous Format: Classic Rock “Z93” New Format: AAA “92.9 Dave-FM” Date & Time Of Change: July 21, 2004 More Info: Wikipedia

93.1 KQIZ Relaunches as “93.1 The Beat”

The original KQIZ signed on in 1975 and pretty much remained Mainstream Top 40 for its entire tenure. As the summer of 2001 ended, KQIZ was in a format many have dubbed Lillith Fair FM. Over a period of several months, ratings had gone from upwards of a 19 share 12+ to a jaw dropping 3.2. Having paid over $3 million for the property, Cumulus Broadcasting was presumably not going to let the station slip away. On or around Monday, November 3, 2001, the station suddenly stopped with the CHR/Pop format. There was no announcement, no prologue, the station just suddenly switched to stunting. The entire staff, sans one person, were fired. About a week later (4 days before sign on), announcements aired proclaiming that “something brand new is coming to 93-1, details Thursday morning.”...

WMMZ Becomes K-Country 93.7 WOGK

Previous Format: CHR “Z93” WMMZ New Format: Country “K-Country 93.7” WOGK Date & Time Of Change: March 11, 1994 More Info: CFLRadio, Wikipedia

Z93 Goes From CHR to Classic Rock

Previous Format: CHR “Z93” New Format: Classic Rock “Z93” Date & Time Of Change: January 3, 1989 More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Robyn Watts