Hot AC

102.9 WMXQ becomes All-80’s “102-9 the Point”

What better way to represent a new year/decade/century/millennium than to live in the past? During the second half of the year 2000, that was the attitude adopted by a growing number of radio companies as the “All-80’s” format (focusing on Rock and Alternative selections of that decade) began appearing rapidly across the country. Cox Broadcasting had already debuted this format under the name “106-9 the Point” in Houston. With WMXQ struggling as Hot AC “Mix 103”, Cox decided to bring All-80’s to Jacksonville…following an automated countdown, on November 1, 2000, at 5:00 pm, “102-9 the Point, The Best of the 80’s and More” was born.

“Star 104.5” WYXR becomes Rock AC “Alice 104-5”

For most of the 1990’s, 104.5 in Philadelphia has programmed different variations of the Hot AC format under the Star 104.5 name. In the Spring of 1999, rumors were running rampant that they would flip to the Jammin Oldies format that AMFM Inc. was launching in most markets. However, they were beaten to the punch by Greater Media’s WXXM which flipped from Modern AC in May. In November, Star 104.5 finally flipped formats, switching from Hot AC to Rock AC (Female targeted Classic Hits with some currents) under the name “Alice 104-5”. Call Letters were soon changed to WLCE.

105.1 WBIX flips from AC to Rhythmic Oldies

Sensing the failure of Big 105, it soon became obvious it would be the 2nd format on the frequency to fail to last 12 months. AMFM had been developing the Jammin Oldies format across the country, and it was just a matter of time before the format found its way into New York. In early December, Big 105 adjusted to a new Modern AC sound to throw some speculators off guard. However, the new imaging did little to prevent the inevitable from happening and on December 10, 1998 “New York’s Jammin Oldies” took to the air. Following the results of a pre-planned name the station contest, 105.1 became WTJM “Jammin 105”.

“Eagle 96.9” KGLQ flips from Classic Hits to Hot AC “Mix 96-9”

The debut of “Mix 96-9” (KMXP) marked the end of the numerous permutations of the Classic Hits format on 96.9 (the last being “Eagle 96.9”) that previous owner Nationwide had attempted over the years. “Mix 96-9” was one of the first “Mix” Rock Hot AC outlets which Jacor (now Clear Channel) brought to numerous markets across the country. KMXP debuted with a slogan of “The Best Mix of the 80’s, 90’s and 70’s” (yes, in that order). After the turn of the century, in order to continue positioning itself as a station offering some currents, the slogan changed to “The Best Mix of the 80’s, 90’s, and Today”, which is much more common.

WJHR Flemington becomes “ChatRadio 1040”

After years of silence, 1040 WJHR Flemington returned to the air in 1996 with a Full Service Hot AC format as “Jersey’s Hometown Radio”. As the only commercial station licensed to Hunterdon County, WJHR had a nice niche in a rapidly growing area. Nassau Broadcasting attempted to increase that niche when they took over the station. Flipping the station to News/Talk was intended to increase the local niche of the station in the market, while removing the music that competed with Nassau’s WPST. Unfortunately, the station did not succeed enough as was expected, which is not surprising given the amount of money needed to operate an all local News/Talk operation. In 1999, the station flipped to a simulcast of 1350 WHWH in Princeton, NJ and both air a satellite Business Ta...

105.1 WNSR becomes “Big 105”

In August of 1997, ten months into the life of WDBZ, Bonneville was planning on pulling the plug and returning the WNSR calls and “Soft Rock 105” format to battle head to head with WLTW. However, the change was put on hold as Bonneville finalized a deal to sell the station to Chancellor, the owner of WLTW. The WDBZ calls were replaced by WNSR, but the Modern AC format stayed until October when the station gradually adjusted back to Hot AC under the “FM 105.1” name. Once Chancellor took over, market speculation led to anything from Soft AC, to Country, to Urban. All they got was “Big 105” a Hot AC that for some reason sounded very close to WLTW. Big 105 failed to make a splash in the market after trying various forms of Hot AC and for the second time in t...

105.1 WMXV ends Showtunes stunt, launches Modern AC “The Buzz”

Previous Format: Hot AC “Mix 105” WMXV New Format: Modern AC “105.1 The Buzz” WDBZ Date & Time Of Change: November 14, 1996 at 6:00am More Info: Wikipedia In 1996, Mix 105 began to feel the squeeze of WLTW and WPLJ. Market speculation had the station flipping to Mainstream CHR to compete against WKTU, however Z100 beat them to the punch by returning to its heritage sound. By November, the station had announced the hiring of new morning team Kelly & Kline from WTIC-FM in Hartford. On November 14th, when the morning team debuted, it did so by kicking off a brand new station. 105.1 The Buzz debuted as an 80’s leaning Modern AC, attempting to fill a niche in between K-Rock and WPLJ along with gaining listeners disenfranchised by Z100 and WNEW dropping ou...

“Mix 107.5” KWMX becomes CHR “K-Hits 107.5” KHHT

Denver has never been a CHR-friendly town. After the loss of KPKE and Y-108, Denver was left with two rimshot CHR/Rhythmic stations and a Modern AC. Meanwhile, KWMX-FM 107.5 “Mix 107.5” was beginning to slump in the ratings. KOSI 101.1 had beaten them in the adult demographic, so in early 1996 they switched to a CHR/Alternative hybrid and changed their name to “107-5 The Mix.” This format didn’t really take off either, due to the high profile of another station, KALC 105.9 “Alice 106.” In early July 1996, the morning show at KWMX was let go. On August 9th, the station began interrupting music with a robotic “Testing 123…” Finally, on August 10th, The Mix gave way to stunting, as 107.5 began to play the audio tracks to “Star ...

100.9 WKLI/100.3 WKBE become K100

Previous Format: AC New Format: Adult CHR Date & Time Of Change: March 18, 1996 at 3:00pm More Info: Wikipedia