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Previous Format: CHR “100.7 The Bus” WBVS New Format: Classic Rock “100.7 RXQ” WRXQ Date & Time Of Change: January 13, 2003 at 7:00pm More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by

WCHR-FM becomes “105.7 The Hawk”

After years of planning, the 105.7 frequency took to the airwaves in Manahawkin, NJ for the first time in March of 2002. For its first month of existence, WCHR-FM simulcasted sister CHR “B98.5” WBBO. The long running plan was for a Classic Rock station to occupy the frequency. Back in 1999, when the station was originally slated to debut, a number of billboards went up proclaiming “Bruce is Coming” with a hawk playing a guitar. The Bruce reference was for local idol Bruce Springsteen. The station’s website was even fully designed. However, the owners had been building the station’s antenna without proper FCC approval. Getting back on track took some time, prolonging the launch. On April 15, 2002, 105.7 finally debuted its Hawk format similar to ones laun...

107.7 KSAN Becomes The Bone

Previous Format: Classic Rock “107.7 KSAN” New Format: Hard Classic Rock “107.7 The Bone” Date & Time Of Change: March 13, 2000 More Info: Wikipedia

“The New 96.9 Classic Hits” KHTC evolves to “Eagle 96.9” KGLQ

Through the mid-90’s, Nationwide Communications seemed determined to make the Classic Hits format (which sounded a lot like a “lite” version of a Classic Rock format) work on 96.9 FM. It began with “96.9 K-Hits FM, Superstars of the 70’s and More”. Next in line was “The New 96.9 Classic Hits”. The start of the third and final attempt — “Eagle 96.9” — is featured here. One week after this name change, Eagle 96.9’s new morning show — featuring market legend Charlie Van Dyke plus the well-known and respected Michael Hagerty (also of KTVK-TV Channel 3, at the time) — made its debut. The announcement of this morning show change is heard on the audio. Just about one year after the debut of Eagle 96.9, Natio...

99.5 KVOD Becomes Classic Rock The Hawk

Previous Format: Classical KVOD New Format: Classic Rock “99.5 The Hawk” KKHK Date & Time Of Change: March 13, 1996 More Info: Wikipedia Related Changes: Z92.5 KZDG Becomes Classical KVOD

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