“103.5 The Beat” flips from Rhythmic Oldies to CHR “Kiss-FM”

Upon completion of the Clear Channel/AMFM merger, many expected Clear Channel to launch a CHR/Pop outlet right away. After all, Chicago was one of the few markets remaining that lacked a full-signaled Top 40 outlet. Plus, in the early 90’s, Clear Channel C.E.O. Randy Michaels was involved with WYTZ 94.7 FM (“Z-95”, later “Hell 94-7”, and after that, “Hot 94-7”) — a station which was designed to dethrone CBS-owned CHR/Rhythmic outlet WBBM 96.3 FM “B-96”. But Michaels’ first attempt was a failure, and so it seemed logical to believe that he was ready to compete with B-96 again. As months began to pass, with no format changes, rumors began heating up and they centered around either AC WLIT 93.9 FM or Rhythmic Oldies WUBT 103.5 ...

WMAQ Signs Off

Previous Format: News WMAQ New Format: Sports “670 The Score” WSCR Date & Time Of Change: August 1, 2000 at 6:00am More Info: Wikipedia, Rich Samuels Aircheck Contributed by Jeremy Andrews

103.1 WXXY/WYXX becomes “The 80’s Channel”

Summary contributed by Jeffrey T. Mason. I think I am qualified to give a summary of the 80’s Channel/Chicago sign-on, seeing that I was one of the folks who orchestrated it! Contrary to popular belief, Big City Radio – not Chancellor Media – was the first company to debut a “Jammin’ Oldies” type format. It was not called “Jammin’ Oldies,” but “103.1FM, Chicago’s Heart & Soul.” They purchased WVVX/Highland Park and WJDK/Morris, both at 103.1 to create the simulcast. Call letters were changed to WXXY and WYXX. Due to a poor signal, and some bad judgment in their outdoor campaign (billboards placed in areas that could NOT receive the station), “Chicago’s Heart & Soul” didn’t see much suc...

WCBR Becomes 92.7 Kiss FM

Previous Format: Brokered “The Bear” WCBR/WBRO (Temporary Stunt Simulcasting KLYY Los Angeles) New Format: CHR “92.7 Kiss FM” WKIE/WKIF Date & Time Of Change: November 14, 1998 at 12:00pm More Info: Wikipedia

100.3 WPNT becomes “Windy 100” WNND

In late 1996, rumors began swirling about the future of WPNT 100.3 FM in Chicago. One of the more interesting theories presented had Evergreen (WPNT’s owners at the time) debuting a CHR/Dance format, modeled after WKTU/New York, which the company had debuted in February 1996 and had become an instant ratings success. Someone at CBS-owned CHR/Rhythmic WBBM 96.3 FM “B-96” must have heard this rumor, because in late 1996, B-96 adopted a slogan of “Chicago’s Dance Beat” and began placing a heavy emphasis on Dance music, trying to send the message that it was THE home for Dance music in Chicago. But, that rumor never materialized. Evergreen (which became Chancellor Media) eventually sold WPNT to Bonneville. WPNT’s Adult CHR format was known simply as &#...


Previous Format: Christian WCFL New Format: Talk/Rock “The Loop” WLUP Date & Time Of Change: April 29, 1987 at 12:00am More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Frank Davis


Previous Format: Rock 40 WDHF New Format: Rock 40 WMET Date & Time Of Change: December 1, 1976 More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Keith Teicher

WLS Advertises on WCFL

Previous Format: CHR New Format: Beautiful Music Date & Time Of Change: March 15, 1976 More Info: Wikipedia, RadioTimeline This clip is not the actual format change, but rather a commercial for WLS to promote the station to soon to be displaced WCFL listeners.

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