Active Rock

96.1 WKLS becomes Project 9-6-1

During the course of 2006, “The Buzz”, which had upgraded from suburban rimshot 96.7 to the 105.3 signal gradually caught up to and later surpassed heritage Modern Rocker 99X in the ratings. Meanwhile, sister Classic Rocker WKLS “96 Rock” lost its morning show following an incident with a show on sister station Viva 105.7 and battled competition from recent Classic Hits sign-on WSRV “97.1 The River”. Beginning a string that would see changes at all 5 Clear Channel owned FM’s in Atlanta, The Buzz format was moved to the stronger 96.1 frequency and evolved to Active Rock as “Project 9-6-1” in an attempt to revitalize the once heritage rocker. The 105.3 frequency simulcasted Project for a few weeks to move the listeners over and eventually...

97.7 WILD-FM becomes WAAF Simulcast

Sometimes the biggest moves come out of nowhere. Unexpectedly on August 21, 2006, Radio-One announced the sale of Urban AC “97.7 WILD-FM” to Entercom. By the next day, Entercom had already taken over the operations of the station via an LMA. The signal, which rimshots Boston and it’s southern suburbs was a perfect compliment to the western based signal of 107.3 WAAF. The former Worcester station had recently upgraded its signal and moved eastward with a change in city of license to Westborough, but still had a hard time covering the urban center of Boston putting it at a competitive disadvantage. With the 97.7 and 107.3 signals combined, WAAF could promote the fact that it covered more area than any Boston FM signal. As the ticking clock stunt hit zero, you could make out...

Lazer 103 becomes 102.9 The Hog

Previous Format: Active Rock “Lazer 103” WLZR New Format: Classic Rock “102.9 The Hog” WHQG Date & Time Of Change: August 16, 2005 at 10:00am More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Jeremy Andrews

92.9 WRKW becomes “92.9 Rock”

From its launch in October 1999, 92.9 WRKW ran an automated Rock AC format that had little chance for success. With a signal 20 miles north of Poughkeepsie and varying signal problems in the southern part of the market, it struggled to find an audience with additional problems ranging from poor audio to a total lack of promotion from original owners Strauss Media. After the sale of the Strauss stations to Clear Channel closed in November 2000, rumors on the future of the station came up with WRKW struggling to build an audience to little action. On June 27, 2002 at 10:00 AM, the Rock AC format came to an end with a 26-hour loop of Eminem’s “Without Me,” coinciding with the launch of Active Rock “92-9 Rock” to counter Cumulus Media’s pair of dominant rock...

93 K-Rock KRQC relaunches as 93.3 The Dam

93 K-Rock was a relaunch of an old format on the same frequency. Suddenly Clear Channel, who was notorious for slapping C&D’s on people using the KISS moniker decided they would stop using the moniker “K-Rock” which was now owned by Infinity. They needed a new, unique identifier…and one they could have fun with! At 5:00pm on New Years Eve of 2001, 93 K-Rock became known as “that dam station”…93 3 The Dam. Thanks to Dave @ for the submission.

104.3 WNCN flips from Classical to Active Rock WAXQ “Q104.3”

Previous Format: Classical WNCN New Format: Active Rock “Q104.3” WAXQ Date & Time Of Change: December 18, 1993 at 12:00am More Info: Wikipedia, New York Daily News Related Changes: 104.3 WNCN New York Becomes Rock WQIV Being one of three Classical Music stations in the New York market in a time when radio is more and more reliant on being a revenue generator for the owner spelled doom for WNCN. Once the flagship for the Concert Network, which distributed classic programming to station throughout the Northeast ( including WBCN Boston, WRCN Riverhead, and WHCN Hartford), the station had actually made the same flip 20 years earlier. Among protest from its former listeners, “Q104” WQIV dropped its Progressive Rock format in 1974 after just a few weeks to return to ...