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Smooth Jazz 98.9 WJZN Memphis becomes Urban Power 99 WMPW

wjzn.png wmpw.png

A little background on this. Back in 2001, Barnstable’s Memphis Radio Group purchased then KTMO 98.9 Kennett, MO, and moved it to Munford Tennessee to serve the Memphis Market. The format chosen was Smooth Jazz. In Kennett, the KTMO call letters and Classic Country format moved to 106.5, as it exists today.

Friday, October 15 started with the normal “Smooth Ride” Morning show with Norm Miller, then into the mid-day (vt) show with Rob Moore. The flip was supposed to happen at 12 noon but some problems tweaking the audio were encountered and the new station didn’t sign on until approximately 12:50pm – with no stunt and no fanfare.

The new format is going after Clear Channel’s WHRK K-97 and Flinn’s Hot 107.1 This one will shake the market to its core.

Summary by Steve West of our sister site

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