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Q100 Becomes Hot 99.9

Q100 WQQQ Easton Allentown 99.9 Hot 99.9 WHXT Easton Allentown Dance CHR The Hawk WODE

Previous Format: CHR “Q100” WQQQ
New Format: Dance CHR “Hot 99.9” WHXT
Date & Time Of Change: August 24, 1989 at 5:00pm
More Info: Wikipedia, Allentown Morning Call

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  1. Great to hear Q100 switch over to Hot 99.9 25-years-ago last month. I have a lot of memories listening to Hot 99.9 and wish the name would return back to Lehigh Valley. Unfortunately, the hot fm station only lasted 2 more years before switching formats. If there are more Hot 99.9 sweepers, please feel free to include them on the website! Thanks.

  2. dang…i remember hearing that heartbeat they played for a while and waited for the flip. I recorded it on tape to back then.

  3. Speaking as a Jock who worked there at the time, cutting the throat of a Great Station like Q-100, for this Horrible, Phoney-Jock Staffed Kids Station, was the biggest Crime in Lehigh Valley Radio, that could have ever happened! Hot 99.9 was so BAD, Nobody advertised, bought airtime, listened, that the entire company near-Bankrupted in under 2 years! The damage was so bad, the station couldn’t even turn-around back to a CHR, and, had to go Oldies 99 to pay bills, show a profit, and, become sellable to another company….I have spoken!

    • Very interesting to read that. I forget, I guess Uncle Bob was no longer the morning radio show once Q100 went to Hot 99.9?


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