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Hot 97.1 KTHT Becomes Country Legends

Hot 97.1 KTHT Houston Classic Country Legends 97.1 KTHT Houston

Previous Format: Urban “Hot 97.1
New Format: Classic Country “Country Legends 97.1
Date & Time Of Change: January 2, 2003 at 12:00pm
More Info: Wikipedia

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  1. This flip actually happened at noon on that day.

    • Do you know why they flipped it? I heard it was because of a prank that went wrong?

      • Oh it was no joke they flipped it to grab the misplaced listeners and fill the format hole left after KIKK flipped to Smooth Jazz.

  2. As a former resident of Houston-and frequent radio
    listener (1978-1989)-I remember there being many
    format changes. To quote Lauren Valle-“The only thing
    that is constant in radio is change.”

    Jim Hanold
    Newton, Iowa


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