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CHR “Power 99” WAPW becomes Alternative “99X” WNNX


During the late 80’s WAPW was the leading Mainstream CHR in Atlanta with ratings in the 7 to 9 share range and beating out longtime runners WZGC (Z-93) and WQXI (94-Q) out of the format. But during the fall 1991, the station started stumbling from a 6.5 in the summer book to a 4.7. This was caused by a decision at the time by management to lean heavy on Dance in order to find a nitch for the station. Reversing course, the station started re-adding Rock & Alternative tracks over the winter of 1991-92 and rose to a 6.3 in the winter, then dropped in the 4’s in the spring & summer books. After experimenting with a nightly all-Alternative music program called “On The Edge”, the decision was made to change format to Alternative and the weekend before the format change on October 26th, the station played promos saying that “On Monday, October 26th at 12 noon, Atlanta will lose its Power”. The following Monday, then-Morning Show host Domino, co-host Leslie Fram, and then-PD Rick Stacy took calls all morning explaining what was about to take place and why. Shortly after the format change Domino left for then-new CHR startup KHKS in Dallas and Rick Stacy left for KKFR (Power 92) in Phoenix.

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  1. Remember the months prior to the change and the identity shake up… And made certain to be sitting still listening about an hour before the change. Performed security patrol and response for the building where the station was located later in 93-97. Quite a group of fun and unique personalities up there then. Some are still around. Proud to have been able to protect “THE-X”

    ~Patrick Guinn
    VP Excalibur Protective Service


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