CHR “Power 99” WAPW becomes Alternative “99X” WNNX

During the late 80’s WAPW was the leading Mainstream CHR in Atlanta with ratings in the 7 to 9 share range and beating out longtime runners WZGC (Z-93) and WQXI (94-Q) out of the format. But during the fall 1991, the station started stumbling from a 6.5 in the summer book to a 4.7. This was caused by a decision at the time by management to lean heavy on Dance in order to find a nitch for the station. Reversing course, the station started re-adding Rock & Alternative tracks over the winter of 1991-92 and rose to a 6.3 in the winter, then dropped in the 4’s in the spring & summer books. After experimenting with a nightly all-Alternative music program called “On The Edge”, the decision was made to change format to Alternative and the weekend before the format change on Octob...

CHR “94Q” WQXI-FM flips to Hot AC “Star 94” WSTR

WQXI was THE definition of Top 40 radio in Atlanta, starting in the late 50’s at 790 AM and later at 94.1 FM. But by the late 80’s, the station had evolved into Hot AC territory with ratings in the 4-share range. With the demise of WZGC (Z-93) as a CHR in January 1989, the station reverted to CHR as “Atlanta’s Hit Music Station” for a few months, but faced serious competition from WAPW (Power 99), which kept their ratings down in the 3 to 4 share range. Realizing that they needed to drop their 30+ heritage as a CHR and start from scratch, the station was “blown up” at midnight on November 15th, 1989 and reborn as WSTR (Star 94). Star 94 started out as a Hot AC but switched to Adult CHR in September of 1991. When Power 99 became WNNX (99X) in Octo...

Z93 Goes From CHR to Classic Rock

Previous Format: CHR “Z93” New Format: Classic Rock “Z93” Date & Time Of Change: January 3, 1989 More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by Robyn Watts

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