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Los Angeles

B100.3 KIBB becomes Mega 100 KCMG

Kibb.png kcmg2.png

Following the first-place-in-its-first book debut of New York’s Dance CHR WKTU (February 1996), it didn’t come as a surprise that a few stations across the country tried to clone the format in their own markets. KIBB (B-100) was one such station, and just like every other clone during that period, it failed miserably. KIBB began as a Rhythmic AC in the Fall of 1996, emphasizing 70’s and 80’s Dance/R&B selections and positioning itself with the slogan “LA’s Hot FM.” Several months later, Viacom sold the station to Chancellor (which became AMFM). During the Spring of 1997, Chancellor tried to improve the station by making it more current-intensive and modifying the station’s slogan to “The Rhythm of L.A.”, among other changes, but the ratings didn’t improve. By the Fall, rumors of KIBB’s demise surfaced. On November 19, 1997, Chancellor debuted the Rhythmic Oldies format on KIBB — the calls eventually changed to KCMG to match the new moniker: “Mega 100”. This format would adopt the nickname “Jammin’ Oldies” as it was copied to markets all over the country.

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