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97.9 The Loop Becomes K-Love

97.9 The Loop WLUP Chicago KLove K-Love 97.9 WCKL-FM 94.3 WJKL Chicago

Previous Format: Classic Rock “97.9 The Loop” WLUP-FM
New Format: Christian AC “K-Love” WCKL-FM
Date & Time Of Change: March 10, 2018 at 12:00am
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

Aircheck Contributed by Jeremy Andrews

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  1. It was Devilishly Good!!!

  2. Another voice-over by Charlie Van Dyke… and absolutely excellent, may I add!

    • Didn’t Charlie Van Dyke do the voice-over for DFW’s Oldies/Classic Hits 98.7 KLUV for a time as well? I could be mistaken, but the voice sounds really familiar.

  3. KLove runs their business by the golden rule. Whoever has the most Gold makes the rules. Just like any other McRadio business or should I say Jesus McRadio conglomerate out there.


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