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94.1 WYSP Returns To Rock From Talk

94.1 Free-FM Philadelphia WYSP 94 WYSP Rocks Philadelphia

Previous Format: Talk
New Format: Classic Rock
Date & Time Of Change: 9/13/2007 5:00pm
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  1. 94 WYSP is a speck of sand on the big beach of rock stations now.

    O & A is good. Barsky, Kim and Vinnie were the glue that held my work day together. Matt and Huggy were OK. Kidd Cris came on after my work day was done so I didn’t tune into them very often…but I guess they were OK for the audience they were trying to draw.

    But NOW…I NEVER tune into YSP. There’s nothing that draws me to it! I can get rock all across the dial. Doesn’t matter what button I push.

    I’m going to 93.3 to listen to Preston and Steve till Barsky, Kim and Vinnie show up on YSP again…or where ever they end up. I’ll just cruise the dial till I find them.

    Oh…and if I can’t get MMR on my headset, I’d rather listen to the AM talk shows than hear Green Day on every other FM station!!!

    You programmers are nuts! You lost a lot more audience in changing onto another rock station than when David Lee Roth was on in Howards place!!!!!


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