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92.9 KYND becomes 93Q KKBQ

92.9 KYND 79 KKBQ 79Q 93Q KBQ Houston Scott Shannon John Lander

Previous Format: Beautiful Music KYND
New Format: CHR “93Q” KKBQ-FM
Date & Time Of Change: December 29, 1982 at 6:00am
More Info: Wikipedia

Aircheck Contributed by John Fernandez

In June of 1982, 79Q KKBQ signed-on as a rare Top 40 launch on AM at a time when most CHR’s were moving to FM. After 7 short months, the station had become a major success under Scott Shannon and John Lander. Sister station 92.9 KYND was a floundering Beautiful Music station. Promoting the move for a few weeks before it occured on December 29. 1982, 93Q would become a Top 40 powerhouse for the remainder of the 80’s.

The launch sequence at 6:00am may sound familiar to some as the 6:00am launch with “Eye of the Tiger” would be repeated in New York some eight months later when Scott Shannon debuted Z100.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. Its nice to find rare airchecks. Thanks so much. Ive been looing for this one.

  2. Actually… The new FM signed on as “93KBQ-FM” (even heard in this air check). I even have another recording where I briefly caught the jock (Hollywood Henderson) after a song saying “93KBQFM”. Appearently it didnt stick because by 1983 they were saying simply “93FM” (I also have audio of that as well) I know that label stuck through about 1986 before the “93Q” moniker debuted.

  3. I was a Junior in High School in
    Houston, Texas when-on Wednesday
    morning, December 29’th, 1982-“Beautiful
    Music” KYND-broadcasting at 92.5 FM-became
    “Top 40/CHR” KKBQ.

    I was PLEASED with the change!

    I remember-a few minutes into that first “Top 40/CHR”
    broadcast host & program director John Lander saying-
    “Put THIS in your elevator!”


    • Yup it’s on this recording


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