Beautiful Music

98.5 KWXY Signs-Off

Previous Format: Beautiful Music New Format: Classic Hits Date & Time Of Change: 2/1/2010 11:59pm More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia Aircheck courtesy of Scott Fybush.

95.5 KQYT Phoenix Becomes KOY-FM

Previous Format: Beautiful Music “Quiet 95” KQYT New Format: AC “95.5 KOY-FM” Date & Time Of Change: July 10, 1986 at 12:00am More Info: Wikipedia

105.1 WRFM flips from Beautiful Music to AC WNSR

As we proceeded through the 1980’s the older targeting music formats weren’t cutting it anymore. The baby boomers were approaching their thirties and wouldn’t tolerate “Elevator Music” at work. WRFM’s ratings had taken a tumble from Adult Contemporary stations WYNY and WLTW along with fellow Easy Listening WPAT. In order to compensate, on April 15, 1986, WRFM gave way to “New York’s Soft Rock” WNSR. Achieving a solid niche in the AC marketplace, WNSR was partly responsible for driving WPIX and WYNY out of the format. As the 80’s turned into the 90’s, WNSR continued to evolve into a more contemporary station eventually changing its name to “Mix 105”.

KNX-FM Becomes HitRadio 93 KKHR

Previous Format: Beautiful Music KNX-FM New Format: CHR “HitRadio 93” KKHR Date & Time Of Change: August 25, 1983 at 3:00pm More Info: SoCal Radio History, Wikipedia

92.9 KYND becomes 93Q KKBQ

Previous Format: Beautiful Music KYND New Format: CHR “93Q” KKBQ-FM Date & Time Of Change: December 29, 1982 at 6:00am More Info: Wikipedia Aircheck Contributed by John Fernandez In June of 1982, 79Q KKBQ signed-on as a rare Top 40 launch on AM at a time when most CHR’s were moving to FM. After 7 short months, the station had become a major success under Scott Shannon and John Lander. Sister station 92.9 KYND was a floundering Beautiful Music station. Promoting the move for a few weeks before it occured on December 29. 1982, 93Q would become a Top 40 powerhouse for the remainder of the 80’s. The launch sequence at 6:00am may sound familiar to some as the 6:00am launch with “Eye of the Tiger” would be repeated in New York some eight months later when...

WHYT Becomes Hot Hits 96.3

Previous Format: Beautiful Music WJR-FM New Format: CHR “Hot Hits 96.3” WHYT Date & Time Of Change: September 15, 1982 at 5:00pm More Info: Wikipedia

WLS Advertises on WCFL

Previous Format: CHR New Format: Beautiful Music Date & Time Of Change: March 15, 1976 More Info: Wikipedia, RadioTimeline This clip is not the actual format change, but rather a commercial for WLS to promote the station to soon to be displaced WCFL listeners.