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Oklahoma City

105.3 KLGH begins simulcasting 640 WWLS


Citadel Broadcasting’s “The Sports Animal” (WWLS 640) began to simulcast its Sports-Talk format on KLGH 105.3. The station’s current FM simulcast, WWLS-FM 104.9, while still simulcasting WWLS at the moment, would flip to country a few days later. Though the dial position of the FM simulcast is changing, the station continues to broadcast on WWLS 640.

Until this week, KLGH was a Contemporary Christian station. Citadel had agreed to purchase the it from Kingfisher County Broadcasting for $3.1 million. KLGH’s metro coverage is significantly less than that of WWLS-FM, as the 105.3 signal only reaches the northwestern suburbs of Oklahoma City. This signal, however, fills a hole in WWLS 640’s directional antenna pattern that WWLS-FM could not. Listeners in downtown Oklahoma City who cannot receive KLGH can still hear the station on 640 AM

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