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St. Louis

103.3 KLOU becomes “My 103.3”

Oldies 103.3 KLOU St. Louis My 103.3 KLOU St. Louis

With the “Oldies” branding becoming taboo due to the aging of the target audience, broadcasters have looked for new ways to position the format. In St. Louis, when Clear Channel brought on market legend Smash for mornings at KLOU they used the opportunity to reposition the market’s longtime oldies station as programmed by the listeners. The station brought on Bob Costas as the imaging voice as well.

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  1. I listened to this station for years until the format was changed to more current music. I am a baby boomer and miss those songs from the late 50’s and early 60’s. Not sure at this time what station I will choose to listen too.

  2. I believe the addition of “Smash” will make this a new type of Oldie Station where the listener will allow more of the Rock of the 70’s to surface, ie; the late George Harrison and John Lennon to resurge. Smash has a definite style that could only take KLOU into the new “old” generation of music w/o being too “far out.” He is back in his element and I am glad to have the Smashter back! Live and listen…I do.

    Best Reards,

    C.J. Koenig Sr.
    PS: My daughter is 13 and her friends have KLOU locked into the top 3 of their radio ga-ga.

  3. What happened to Smash??? I just recently returned to St. Louis and was shocked to NOT HEAR Smash on the morning show. Where did he go…what did you all do with him. (and Tori)?

    Please let me know.




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