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St. Louis

103.3 KHTR Becomes KLOU

Hitradio 103 Hit Radio 103.3 KHTR St. Louis Oldies 103 103.3 KLOU St. Louis

Previous Format: CHR “Hitradio 103” KHTR
New Format: Oldies “Oldies 103.3” KLOU
Date & Time Of Change: November 4, 1988 at 12:00am
More Info: Wikipedia

Aircheck Contributed by Kent Ahrens

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  1. I remember listening to the radio during this change. I was 14 years old and Don’t Be Cruel by Bobby Brown was playing, then half-way through it changed to Elvis Presley’s version. Every time I hear either song, I think of this night, and now I know the date…November 4, 1988.

  2. Bobby Brown had a hit called “Don’t Be Cruel” that was released mid-summer 1988, but it wasn’t an Elvis remake.

    The version you hear at the end of KHTR was by Cheap Trick and was the follow up to “The Flame.”


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