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Los Angeles

102.7 KKDJ Becomes KIIS-FM

Previous Format: Top 40
New Format: AC
Date & Time Of Change: October 22, 1975 at 6:00am
More Info: SoCal Radio History

Aircheck contributed by Steve Worth

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  1. wow this is classic. Nice post

  2. Wow, I just stumbled across this after many years. If you make it far enough into the actual “wedding promo“ introducing the simulcast of the two combined stations, you may enjoy knowing that the voice of the backwoods preacher is played by the bass singer in our singing call letter jingle package from PAMS Studios in Dallas. His name is Jim Clancy, who often subbed for Thurl Ravenscroft from Disney. He even replaced him as the voice of Tony the Tiger. Then the little electronic “I do“ voices were made by a Sonovox and synthesizer that I played in the Dallas studio. Jim now heads an internationally known a-cappella, singing group known as “The Vocal Majority “.
    Since the recording you just heard, was an actual “air check “I thought some might enjoy a copy right off of the original out of the studio of the wedding promo. Here’s a link for that:

  3. Lori Lerner here and I was there then ; I remember doing news while sitting on the carpet w a hanging mic while the studio was being emptied as we moved across the street to 6255 Sunset ……KKDJ… what a classic station…. Great memories working w Boyd R Briton, Jay Steven’s , Charlie Tuna … so many greats (Johnny Mathis had his office in the building and we would sometimes ride up the elevator together) … when the station moved to the Motown building, I used to ride up w Barry Gordon… ; just a very cool time to be in radio


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