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“Z100” 100.3 KKRZ Portland Relaunches

KKRZ-FM.png kkrznew.png

March 11th, the on-air staff gets fired. Z100 plays music and promotes “The Death of a Portland Institution”. KKRZ has been the Top40/CHR station since 1984. Others have tried and failed. All week, they play the regular playlist, get all the hype going and on March 15th, 4:40 PM, a heartbeat recording is played. At 5:00, they go through this montage of sounds with Bjork singing in the background and after about 2 minutes, launch into – whaddayaknow – Z100 – the local Top40/CHR outlet. Basically, they are playing a little more rhythmic to compete with KXJM “Jammin 95.5” and they are slowly bringing back the airstaff.

Thank you to Aircheck Dex for supplying us with the clip, and Craig Busic with the summary.

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