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New York

103.5 WYNY Becomes Dance CHR WKTU

103.5 WKTU KTU New York

Previous Format: Country WYNY
New Format: Rhythmic CHR WKTU
Date & Time Of Change: February 10, 1996
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

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  1. Country music should have stayed around as the tax write off. One that declared that that station is not a threat to sister stations.

    • Write off to what?

      At the time of the flip WYNY was a stand alone and had no sister stations in New York. Evergreen Media was able to acquire 103.5 because it was not making enough money with Country. It wouldn’t be until a year later that Evergreen would acquire Viacom’s radio properties and merge with Chancellor to bring WKTU, Z100, Q104.3, and Lite-FM under one umbrella. The group would then add what was then 105.1 The Buzz in October 1997.


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