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Fort Wayne

WWFW Relaunches As 103.9 Sunny-FM

Soft Rock 103.9 WWFW Fort Wayne Christmas 103.9 Sunny-FM WWFW Fort Wayne

Previous Format: AC “Soft Rock 103.9” WWFW
New Format: AC “103.9 Sunny-FM
Date & Time Of Change: December 26, 2016 at 12:00am
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

Aircheck Contributed by Rob Mackenzie

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  1. I love the new ReelWorld ONE AC jingles! RW1 is my favorite jingle package (for all three formats – CHR, AC, and Country).

    • Stuart, I can tell your a RW fanatic. I am as well, I even talk to them on a month by month basiss!

      You and I should talk more if you like, Anytime you want my email address is

      Heck, I might just be able to contribute to your podcast often, I know every jingle package RW ever made!

      Oh and RW One isn’t my favorite RW package though that’s a good package! Check out the new station KDGE Dallas for my favorite package currently.


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