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WSHE Becomes 103.5 Planet Radio

She 103.5 WSHE Miami Fort Lauderdale She's Only Rock And Roll The New 103.5 Planet Radio WPLL Fort Lauderdale Miami Rob Roberts Archer

Previous Format: Rock “She 103” WSHE
New Format: Modern AC “The New 103.5” (Would become “103.5 Planet Radio” WPLL later in 1996)
Date & Time Of Change: May 2, 1996 at 1:03pm
More Info: Sun Sentinel, Wikipedia

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  1. Well, this says a lot about how awful Miami radio had gotten by summer 1996. A new station is born with “modern music” – and the first song is 14 years old. There is also a 10-year-old track from Peter Gabriel, and bad imaging. Meanwhile, “no rap” with MC Hammer by 1996 is comical as a selling point, while blowing off the people that made WSHE a legend by telling them “no Twisted Sister” means starting from scratch and saying goodbye to your already existing listener base and building from it.

    WSHE had faded in an highly evolved market thanks to Big 105.9 and Zeta, and the owners needed to make a move. Planet Radio was eventually where the signal went, but it was inferior to Alternative stations across the U.S. and eventually yielded a series of formats that never really made an impact in the market. Today, The Beat does well, but it’s a far cry from the halcyon days of the early 1980s when “She’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll!” was a battle cry that made it all the way to Quebec.

  2. You know, I liked WShe but Planet Radio hit me at just the right time in my life. I don’t remember the first song on it, or the last, but I do remember the Top 8 and 8pm and experiencing many new bands which felt fresh in an ocean full of grunge and hip hop. I’d love to find recordings of Planet Radio bumpers somewhere


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