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WMRN Moves To Columbus As Radio 106.7

106.9 WMRN Marion FM107 98.3 Radio 106.7 WRXS TV Television GenX X106.7 Dublin Columbus

Previous Format: Country 106.9 WMRN-FM – Stunting with TV Themes as “TV 106.7” after move-in
New Format: Alternative “Radio 106.7” WRXS
Date & Time Of Change: December 13, 2007 at 12:00pm
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

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  1. The stunting was interesting but the switch over sucked!

  2. Around this time, Clear Channel saw Alternative as an opportunity. They were launching these Alternative “Radio” stations all over. Philadelphia (Radio 104-5), in Hartford they returned 104.1 to the format “FM 104 One”, Channel 104-3 in Baltimore, Radio X 9-6-1 in Grand Rapids, etc along with a couple hybrids (104-1 The Rock Of New Orleans, and 105.5 The Vulcan in Birmingham)

    Several are gone. They sold 104.1 in Hartford (New owners brought back the old Radio104 WMRQ branding), 104.3 in Baltimore was flipped to CHR, Radio X 9-6-1 was flipped to ESPN Radio, The Rock Of New Orleans was flipped to Classic Rock, then Gen-X Adult Hits. The Vulcan to Talk. 106.7 to Gen-X Adult Hits (Gen X 106.7)

    The only real successful one was 104.5 in Philadelphia.

    One came back via a translator/HD-2/AM, 103.1 The Vulcan in Birmingham.
    The Radio X 9-6-1 format is on 96.1 HD-2.

    In 106.7 Columbus’ case, they just went backwards a little bit. Tweaked from Gen-X back to Alternative, and changed the name from “Gen-X 106.7” to “X106.7” earlier this year.


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