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WKAF Becomes The New 97.7

97.7 107.3 WAAF Boston The New 97.7 WKAF WILD Boston Urban AC

Previous Format: Rock (Simulcasting 107.3 WAAF)
New Format: Urban AC “The New 97.7
Date & Time Of Change: January 5, 2017 at 10:50am
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

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  1. I used to work rhere in 1978 when the station was owned by The Brockton Enterprise and it was a total automation top 40 format. Jack Ainslie was GM, Jeff Falewicz was PD, and I hosted a night AC show on the AM. It’s where ai invented the Mini-concert and helped break the ‘no minority artist back to back’ rule in radio…

    They have sabbled in urban in the past, and if they were smart, they’d drift into old school, and go heavier in classic R&B. Format has big love but few who will do it, and there, it is long overdue.


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