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New York

WFME Signs-Off

Family Radio 94.7 WFME Newark New York Sign-Off Gone Stunting WRXP WPLJ

Previous Format: Christian “Family Radio” WFME
New Format: Currently Simulcasting 95.5 WPLJ
Date & Time Of Change: January 11, 2013 at 3:39pm
More Info: RadioInsight, Wikipedia

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  1. Sorry, Charlie: Mount Kisco is in NEW YORK.

  2. Wow, they wasted no time shutting off Family Radio, straight to hash after Charlie’s sign off.

  3. 1:21and 2:17: And in early 2015, Family Radio returned to NYC at 1560 AM–and restored the call letters WFME to the NYC radio dial. The current WFME is the former WQEW now that Radio Disney has sold off many (if not, by now, all) its terrestrial radio stations (save for its L.A. station) in favor of that and its digital radio operations and Internet stream.

  4. As for the address of the WFME facilities–289 Mount Pleasant Avenue–it is in West Orange, NJ (near Newark–the original WFME’s city of license prior to that station going dark.

    By the way, Charlie, it was in *1963* (*Easter Sunday* 1963, to be exact) when Family Radio began to buy time on what would later become WFME, not in **1962**. And Family Radio bought WFME outright in *1966*, not **1996***.


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