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KRZQ Becomes Mix 100.9

100.9 KRZQ Reno Mix 100.9 KRZQ Reno Kidd Kraddick

Previous Format: Alternative
New Format: Adult CHR “Mix 100.9”
Date & Time Of Change: September 12, 2011 at 12:00pm
More Info: RadioInsight, Mat Diablo

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  1. Well thus ends another great alternative radio station! I just don’t get it there are hundreds of alternative bands still out there making music and there are just a few stations out there now that still hang on to the format. country comes and goes so does pop but those stations continue on through it all. there’s still on fan of alternative music out there and good luck getting me to convert to anything else. Don’t get me wrong I like other types of music but by far my favorite will always be alternative. I miss the days of 93.5 the source in il. and 10.7 the zone in green bay! by far my favorite 2 stations ever. we have 99x up the road in atlanta but there on such a weak signal that you have to be sittling in downtown to listen clearly.I have never been to reno but have been planning a snow boarding trip out there for a few seasons. but now im less excited about it because the alternative is gone!!! thanks once again listeners and corperate america for screwing up another great radio station might as well be sports seems like thats where all of our fm signals are headed!!!

  2. Radio is a business before it can be anything else dude! Some of those Alternative stations are only there because a cluster wants to secure that that station is not a threat to other stations an owner owns in a market. Some are total tax write offs for the company but it’s worth it if it means that the station is not a threat to sister stations. Alternative just doesn’t work in today’s times…although a Mix of New rock and classic new rock should still be viable…oh well.


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