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Los Angeles

KMET Becomes Smooth Jazz 94.7 The Wave KTWV

94.7 KMET Los Angeles Metromedia Westinghouse 94.7 The Wave Smooth Jazz KTWV Los Angeles

Previous Format: Rock “94.7 KMET
New Format: Smooth Jazz “94.7 The Wave
Date & Time Of Change: February 14, 1987 at 12:00pm
More Info: Wikipedia, 94.7 The Wave

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  1. A VERY sad day for L.A. radio, next to KHJ becoming country.

  2. Wow sound like the same jingles KHJZ Houston was using during it’s Smooth Jazz days (2002 to 2008) as 95-7 The Wave. I have tape of their first day.. unfortunately not the flip. :/

    • Metropolitan franchised the “Wave” name not long after the launch (successive owner CBS still maintains the service mark), and even ran a jockless satellite service to other radio stations around the country.

      But bear in mind that in 1987, this was “new age” and not specifically “smooth jazz” – or, at least the name didn’t exist yet. Now KTWV is all but a soft AC.

  3. I worked for a station in Santa Cruz CA called KLRS (Colors) and it went on the air one month after The Wave did. The Wave was never a truly New Age station like KLRS was. Sting or Madonna is NOT New Age.

  4. We knew a few days in advance that the call letters would be KTWV. I looked at those calls and predicted to my friends that they would call themselves “Wave”! So I was close (turned out to be “The Wave”). However, I was wrong about the format. New Wave music was new and popular at the time, and I predicted they’d have a New Wave format, competing with KROQ. Who knew they were going to invent a brand new format (light jazz)?!!


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