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KHFI Moves From 98.3 To 98.1

K98 98.1 98.3 KHFI Austin

Previous Format: CHR “K98” 98.3 KHFI
New Format: CHR “K98” 98.1 KHFI
Date & Time Of Change: Spring 1990
More Info: Wikipedia

Aircheck Contributed by Chris Stelly

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  1. The irony was that K-98’s stay on the more powerful 98.1 stick was very short-lived. I don’t think it quite lasted even six months there. It had several owners who tried to upgrade it, but a pump-and-dump operator bought it right before the upgrade and LMA’ed it to KVET/KASE after the upgrade. Pretty sure it was owned by the company that owned other medium market CHR’s like KZOU in Little Rock and KNMQ in Albuquerque before it was sold to the owner who exercised the nation’s first LMA in Jackson, MS.

    The intellectual property of KHFI was picked up by KQFX 96.7 “The Best in Oldies, 96.7 The Fox,” and the launch of K-96.7 was simultaneous with the launch of 98.1 K-Vet. The Fox found itself in a battle with the newly-launched KLTD “Kool 99.1,” which had just upgraded a class A religious stick from the Hill Country. It was eager to take the more successful CHR format from KHFI.


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