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Daytona Beach

I100 WNFI Becomes The New 99.9

I100 99.9 WNFI Daytona Beach Palatka Orlando Kiss KissFM FM WFKS 99.9 KissFM Kiss FM WFKS Palatka Daytona Beach Orlando Jacksonville

Previous Format: CHR “I100” WNFI
New Format: Hot AC “The New 99.9”
Date & Time Of Change: April 10, 1992 at 3:00pm
More Info: CFLRadio, Wikipedia

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  1. I need to add a correction and some information to WNFI’s “format adjustment” from 1992.

    The station shifted at the time from Mainstream CHR to Rock 40, dropping the longtime “I-100” moniker in the process. New WNFI PD J.J. Duling arrived in early 1992 and inherited a CHR that was sagging with a 2.9 rating. The decision was to take it toward Rock CHR since Daytona Beach didn’t have much in current based Rock product (the Album Rockers available in the market leaned toward Classic Rock, IIRC).

    The Rock CHR approach didn’t work and the format went back to Mainstream CHR under “The New 99.9” name soon after. As I understand it, research was done and people didn’t know what WNFI was anymore, so in 1993, “The New 99.9, WNFI” was finally “flushed” and the “99.9 Kiss-FM” handle was adopted with the WFKS call-letters adopted soon afterwards.

    This is a clip of the WNFI-to-WFKS change from 1993 from




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