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106.3: Country WHCY becomes CHR “Max 106.3”

whcy1.png whcy2.png

A shadow market of New York City, Sussex County, NJ is a growing suburb for those trying to leave the hustle and bustle of the urban life. Nassau Broadcasting, owners of most of the local stations in had complete dominance of the top 3 ratings spots in the market. Sitting at numbers 4 and 5 were New York City’s WHTZ and WPLJ. Attempting to gain further control of the market, Country WHCY flipped to CHR as “Max 106.3” on August 25, 2000 with a sound similar to sister station WPST in Trenton.

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  1. That’s strange. I was there in 2001–two months before 9-11 and I was listening to a country station near the grayhound bus terminal there. The announcer was crying on air “we’re the only country station…” she sounded very sad…like it was her last shift and she knew it.


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