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CFTR Flips From Top 40 To News

680 CFTR Toronto Top 40 680 News CFTR Toronto Debut Launch

Previous Format: Top 40
New Format: News “680 News
Date & Time Of Change: June 7, 1993 at 6:00am
More Info: CFTR, Wikipedia

Aircheck Courtesy Of CFTR

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  1. Actually, they didn’t just stop the top 40, then play built this city, as it may seem.
    They did a week of “The CFTR story” counting down the top songs of the past 20 something years. The countdown actually went into repeat mode.
    Once or twice.
    There was not enough time for the last round of the “encore presentation” countdown to finish, so they cut it short, allowing song number…??? to be the last song just before 6am when 680 offically went all news.
    That’s how We built this city got to be the last song ever played on CFTR. It wasn’t really song number one of the CFTR story, and I honestly do not know what the TRUE last song was before they decided to launch “The CFTR story”…

  2. I looked into it a bit more, and it turns out Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” was the #1 song.

  3. “…never been available in this city or in this country before…”

    So what was CKO, chopped liver?

    Neat to hear former CKLW newsman Dick Smyth as the first voice on the new format.


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