New York

Z100 Launches

Previous Format: Standards/Jazz WVNJ New Format: CHR “Z100” WHTZ Date & Time Of Change: August 2, 1983 at 6:08am More Info: Wikipedia

104.3 WNCN New York Becomes Rock WQIV

Previous Format: Classical New Format: Progressive Rock Date & Time Of Change: 11/7/1974 11:00am More Info:, Wikipedia, and Youtube Thank You To Robert Resnick For Contributing This Aircheck

1050 WMGM Becomes WHN

Previous Format: Top 40 “1050 WMGM” New Format: Middle Of The Road “1050 WHN” Date & Time Of Change: February 28, 1962 at 5:30pm More Info: Wikipedia, Las-Solanas Aircheck Via: WCPR1620

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