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96X Miami Loses Its License

96X 96.3 WMJX Miami Stuart Elliot Loses License WCJX Power 96 WPOW

Previous Format: Top 40 “96X” 96.3 WMJX
New Format: Frequency Revived As WCJX in 1985
Date & Time Of Change: February 15, 1981 at 12:03am
More Info: Wikipedia, Alydar

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  1. LOL They Screwed-Up and Botched Fake Prizes-Committed Fraud.
    100% Foolish and Could have Been Avoided

    • I believe they inherited those problems from the previous owners. They did nothing wrong themselves, but they still lost their license. Very sad. There’s plenty of info about it online.

  2. You can clearly hear at the end of their transmission that the last DJ tried to hold back tears. Very sad indeed.

  3. My understanding is that WMJX(96.3) lost its license over using its news personal to do a Fake News story involving one of its DJ’s. A major violation in the eyes of the FCC. You can’t Broadcast a false news story disguised or imbedded in a newscast. Unless the station clearly identifies it as a joke or promotion I believe.
    Interesting to note that probably through docket 80-90 the 96.3 allocation I think re-emerged as 96.5 home to today’s WPOW!


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