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Los Angeles

100.3 KIQQ Becomes Pirate Radio KQLZ

Lite 100.3 KIQQ Los Angeles Pirate Radio 100.3 KQLZ Los Angeles Scott Shannon Shadoe Shadow Steele

Previous Format: Soft AC “100.3 K-Lite” KIQQ
New Format: Rock 40 “Pirate Radio 100.3” KQLZ
Date & Time Of Change: March 17, 1989 at 5:00am
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  1. lol, “If you want rock…GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!” I’d love to hear THAT aircheck! After Pirate radio, they still struggled, perhaps even more so.

  2. I remember this…I have the first hour. Lots of money spent by WW1 for the station, and it still flopped. It’s now The Sound.


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